7 Reasons This Subscription Gets Kids Off Screens

How do you raise a reader? Discover how thousands of families are finding the best books that inspire an early love of reading. Literati is the #1 Book Club for kids from birth to age 12 that delivers hand-curated stories right to your door. Here’s why you’ll love it: 

7. You'll raise a reader.

The best way to teach children is by example, and when you bring books into your home, you’ll impart the value of reading to their watchful little brains. Our Literati-chosen stories make it easy to slow down and find those quiet, magical moments together. Kids who fall in love with reading early tend to be readers for life—and here at Literati, that's our goal. 

Nurture your child's mind with the benefits of reading.

Currently accepting active memberships in all book clubs for ages 0-12. Please note: space is limited. Reserve your box today.

1. Kids thrive in Literati’s book club.

Encourage a lasting love of reading with stories that evoke joy and inspire the imagination. Literati parents tell us their kids show improvements in focus, vocabulary, reasoning, and emotional maturity over their non-bookish peers.

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3. It turns them into art collectors.

What's the first thing your child will see when they open their Literati box? A gorgeous, full page art print by one of our award-winning illustrators (we're talking New York Times Best Illustrators here).  Young readers can frame the exclusive artwork on their walls and start their own collection. We can't think of a more beautiful way to introduce kids to a little bit of culture.

2. You’ll get meaningful, beautiful books—the best of the best.

4. Only keep the stories you love.

Never ever worry about buying a book they don't love. Literati is a try-before-you-buy service. With a $10 club membership, your kids get five incredible books delivered monthly or on your schedule. Keep the ones they want and send the rest back in our prepaid mailer. The best part? Books are priced to beat Amazon list prices, so you never have to worry about finding a better deal.

5. We know how much kids adore mail.

6. It's good for kids—and the world.

What feels better than clearing clutter and giving back? We don’t only deliver great books: Literati parents can also clean house and donate old books using our prepaid mailer. We’ll find new homes for those books with kids who need them the most. In 2019, Literati donated over 45,000 stories.

What takes a book from good to great? The Literati team obsessively researches stories that spark the mind and soften the heart. The books we send our young readers promote universal values such as kindness, curiosity, courage, patience, and confidence. And we promise, these beautiful books won't feel like homework.

"His vocabulary is enormous! His attention span has grown, and he’s loving learning." 
 a Literati Parent

"Literati truly sparked my daughter's imagination."
a Literati Parent

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With Literati, you’ll get a magical experience addressed to your little reader and delivered right to your doorstep. Each box includes a special note, frameable artwork, and nameplate stickers drawn by award-winning artists that your kids can use to personalize their stories. Every month is a new themed experience, and the books never repeat.