Ten volunteer stewards promised to keep their existing library shelves stocked with kids books for a whole year. Literati donates books to them quarterly. Thank you to Literati Kids club members who donated the books that support our first pilot program!

Literati Kids delivers books with vibrant stories and unforgettable characters. Our books soften the heart and nourish the mind.  

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Early childhood literacy nourishes kids into curious, imaginative, 
and compassionate adults. That's why Literati partnered with the Little Free Library nonprofit. 

Together, we're increasing access to books for kids who live in historically marginalized zip codes. 

Leveling Up The Burrow

The First Donated Library  

While reading steward applications, Charter #8022 stood out. This steward had built a library out of an old FedEx box and bolted it to a tree. The tree fell down. Yet Louanne was committed to sharing books with her neighborhood. 

Inspired by her resiliency and love of literature, Literati donated the first Official Literati Kids Library in the world to Louanne. This Literati Kids library was built by Amish carpenters and hand decorated by Austin artists. Find children's books inside! Only five in the world exist right now. The other four will be installed this autumn.

Get Involved

Start the Conversation

Meet 3 Literati Stewards

We handpicked ten Little Free Library stewards in Austin, Texas 
for our first Literati Stewards Pilot Program.  

Literati Stewards watch over our 
Literati Kids Libraries.

Want to increase access to kids books with us? 

Creating Greater Book Access   

Literati Kids Edition Libraries 

What's a Literati Kids Library?

📚 It's an Official Little Free Library with a charter number. The books inside are for the community. 

📚 Find children's books inside!  

📚 It has a Literati Kids window cling on the front. 

📚 It has a literary guardian who keeps it stocked with kids books. 

A Little Free Library Original!

Use The Little Free Library World Map to find participating libraries in Austin, Texas. They'll be the ones with descriptions that say: "Literati Kids Edition library. Find children's books inside!"  

Seek The Teal Sticker

New Literary Destinations 

We're also interested in understanding where new Literati Kids Edition libraries would make an impact. 

So if you are not currently a Little Free Library volunteer steward, but think your community would benefit from a book-sharing box, let's talk!

While Austin residents will get first priority during this pilot program, anyone in the U.S. is invited to apply. We hope to scale this program across the country. 

Where should we install the next Literati Kids Library?

How To Find Literati Kids Libraries